Cats love to socialize, but also crave being alone.

They often seek out warm, dark or hidden places like in the backs of closets or underneath furniture and beds to take a nap where they know they are safe and won’t be disturbed.

A huge number of cats create this type of space for themselves if they can’t locate one by tearing up into the box springs of beds and laying up inside where they know they are hidden and can totally relax.

Cat under furniture Cat in a drawer

This common practice has led to cats sometimes being injured and in one case packed into a moving truck and driven across the country with the owners totally unaware of where the poor kitty was trapped!

The Katnapper provides instant gratification as it is located in a place they naturally run to hide! Comfortable, dark and safe, cats will find this purrrrfect bed irresistible!

Cats enjoying Katnapper bed Cats enjoying Katnapper bed


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